"Where we are partnering with you in preparing your child to change the world!"
Put our expertise to work for you. At Precious Angels Christian Academy, we are holding to a true family oriented childcare experience. Therefore, your child will always experience the Godly parental roles that are intended by the Creator.  The Precious Angels' family invests into your child's moral character as well as the beginning of their academic career. Our desire is to equip the entire family through prayer, impromptu counseling, parenting and marriage classes. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. This is how we have become so successful having children ready for elementary. 

Throughout the year, we will have various gatherings and family activities that promote our mission. At Precious Angels Christian Academy, we promise to partner with you in preparing your child to change the world!  Yes, we believe that!  At PACA, we understand that by in-trusting us with the hours of care that you need for your children per week, that you are literally asking us to have a huge part in the maturation of of your child. We take that seriously and appreciate the opportunity to serve your family.

One of our goals for your child is to have them reading by the time they complete our program. It is exciting watching them grow to love learning and having an expectation that they will be not only be reading but comprehending a new word each day. Oh, when we see that light bulb come on!
This is when we begin to teach letters and numbers. Your child will become proficient in recognizing and sounding out the letters and will also be able to count to 30 and have recognition and understanding to the number 15. This class will also tie in the bible lesson learned during chapel into arts and sciences. By this time you may be thinking, is my child going to be able to play? I mean after all, this is a Preschool. You don't have to worry, The curriculum we use has a wonderful way of weaving in all that your child will be learning by using puppets, singing, dancing and hands on projects. All mixed with the personality of our qualified and experienced teachers, and yes this schedule is intertwined with snack, play, outdoor play, breakfast and lunch. As you can see, your child will have a full and enriching day. 
Now this is where the fun starts!! Of course your child will have plenty of time to interact with his/her friends, play and experience the wonderful world around them. They will also begin a more extensive schedule in getting them ready for elementary school. They will begin putting those sounds and that recognition they learned in the Preschool classroom and start blending those sounds together and making words! they will also learn  basic writing and some math skills so that they can print their names and do some adding and subtracting... the lesson is mixed with poetry, stories, singing and dancing; just as it was in the Preschool classroom, just a little more rigorous. Remember, in twelve short months they will begin Kindergarten!
This is when we begin to teach numbers, colors & shapes. Throughout the year, your child will be given commands to pick out four squares and they will begin correlating the concept of colors, shapes and numbers with a command. They will also learn language, music, science and art. This class will also tie in the bible lesson learned during chapel into arts and sciences. The A Beka curriculum & our teachers combined do an excellent job at making sure that your child is learning the material specific for their age as well as making sure that the children enjoy their class time.
The programs we offer are taught from the A Beka curriculum. 
Please click the A Beka logo to take you to their website for specific information regarding their curriculum.   

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As of  Fall of 2017, we have started Precious Angels Christian Academy's  Kindergarten Program!!! This is a virtual school. The curriculum is Abeka and we are known as a Master School. This curriculum offers all of the math, science, language, and  arts that is required by the state of Michigan and much more! We will be operating under state home school guidelines.  If you have been considering home schooling your child but have been apprehensive to try it yourself, please allow us to partner with you in preparing your child to change the world! Put our experience to the test! 

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