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Children can begin in this classroom at 6 weeks - 18 months/walking steady and we offer Christ centered care with your little ones. Understanding that precious little angels require so much love and nurturing. We know how difficult it can be to leave them with someone else and you can rest assured that we will see to it that they will be cared for as if you were there! This is why your child will be assigned one primary caregiver for highly personalized care and their own crib. We also use a program called "Procare Parent Connect" that allows us send photos throughout the day and to notify you via app as to any changes in you child's mood, when they are changed, fed, tummy time, etc.. We are also able to track all of your baby's development and milestones and report them to you up to the minute or via conference. We will partner with you on scheduling, feeding, changing and everything that comes with preparing little ones for their next stage. We begin instruction right away at PACA! At your descretion and permission we will implement a program called "Baby Wise" by Gary Ezzo and Dr Robert Bucknam PED.. This program has been very successful in training young children to self sooth, separate eating from sleeping to aid in healthier digestion and in scheduling so that your child will begin sleeping all night at a very early age. At PACA, we take pleasure in and count it an honor that you would trust us to partner with you in pouring into your infant and very young toddler. Children in this room will start eating the food we provide and drink out of sippy cups by age 1.  Click HERE to see and read about the Infant Room Lead, Ms. Jacqueline Peters.

For best view, check out virtual 360 on desktop computer.

Precious Angels Christian Academy

Encourages tours of the center to all families.

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

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