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​Now this is where the fun starts!! Of course your child will have plenty of time to interact with his/her friends, play and experience the wonderful world around them. They will also begin a more extensive schedule in getting them ready for elementary school. They will begin putting those sounds and that recognition they learned in the Preschool classroom and start blending those sounds together and making words! They will also learn basic writing and some math skills so that they can print their names and do some adding and subtracting. Their lessona are mixed with poetry, stories, singing and dancing, science, geography; just as it was in the Preschool classroom, just a little more rigorous. Remember, in twelve short months they will begin Kindergarten.  Click HERE to see and read about the Pre-K Lead, Ms. Lia Saroli.

For best view, check out virtual 360 on desktop computer.

Precious Angels Christian Academy

Encourages tours of the center to all families.

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

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